Would you let your daughter wear this t-shirt?

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Yesterday, as I was doing some of my usual surfing of the blogosphere, I came across an article featuring the t-shirt you see here. At first, as I read the words, I thought to myself, "yeah, okay, this t-shirt isn't in the best of taste, but whatever, you know? To each her own."

Then, I read on. Turns out the t-shirt is being sold by dELiA's, a boutique that targets pre-teen, tween and teenage girls.


Now, I know I'm pretty uptight when it comes to raising my kid, so I'll go ahead and calmly and coolly admit right now that I'm one of those moms that would rather have her child walk naked out of her house, than wear a t-shirt like this one in public.


I understand, however, that this just may be me. What about you? Would you allow your daughter to wear this?

(Via Feministing)

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