Toy guide for disabled kids

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Children with disabilities play differently, according to experts, and Toys R Us is recognizing that with the launch of a nationally available "toy guide" for customers wanting to purchase toys for a child with developmental challenges.

The guide was compiled by experts at the nonprofit National Lekotek Center and is distributed by Toys R Us, who will be printing 600,000 copies of "The Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids", and absorbing the costs.

Parents of disabled kids say the guide is a relief, because, as parents of "regular" kids might not realize, not every toy is "fun" for a developmentally disabled child. The difference could be as simple as a puzzle with specific knobs or blocks that cater to the unique mind-workings of an autistic child.

The guide features photos of disabled children playing with the toys. One mother quoted in the article notes that her child clutches the guide as she falls asleep because it's the "first time she saw children who look like her."

That put a lump in my throat. I have kind of had a hatred for Toys R Us due to a very bad sales associate experience, but this makes me want to rethink my opinions.

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