When does the teething stop?

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Now that Nolan's weaned, I'm not quite as concerned about the proliferation of his endless little nubby teeth. But I am concerned about his comfort levels, because teething seems to bring fussy, wakeful nights and particularly stinky poops. (By the way: is this a normal thing? When babies teethe, their poop stinks more? Perhaps it is just me but it definitely seems to be a recurring thing.)

Anyway, Nolan is now 13 months and 6 days old and he is now getting his molars. Because he got his first tooth early (a little before 5 months), he has now been teething for about 8 months straight. And enough, already! That last one made his poor wee gums bleed. I really thought this teething business would only last for a few months. And, yes, I do realize I was totally naive about the motherhood experience in general.

So, for you veteran parents, when did your little one cease with the teething, already? Please note that "never'" is not a satisfactory answer.

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