Life as a soccer mom: When it all comes together

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There are many ups and downs when it comes to being a soccer mom. There is the pressure to attend all games, whether they are played on the home field or in a town three hours away. This gets to be a scheduling challenge when you have more than one child playing and they are in different age divisions. There is the need to come equipped with ample amounts of creative snacks when it is your day for snacks, lest you be beat out by the last mom who somehow managed to transport hot chocolate to the field and serve up homemade cookies decorated like soccer balls. The pressure to top that takes some serious planning. There is also the problem of keeping the uniforms clean, both home and away jerseys, and in an easily accessible location.

But all that aside, there are those times when it all comes together. The afternoons of sitting quietly on the sidelines and watching your child do what he truly enjoys the most, kicking a ball around a field with some of his best friends, those are the moments of happiness. When your child makes a goal, as mine did this last Saturday, and runs down the field receiving high fives from his team mates, there is an elation that makes all the efforts meaningless.

Being a soccer mom can involve feelings of distaste for the other parents, moments of wondering just why it is that we have to spend our Saturday's carting around kids from town to town. But when we put it all aside and realize it isn't about us, it is about our children and their happiness, that is when the role of a soccer mom is a truly joyous one.


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