Maurice Sendak doesn't want to be branded as a monster author

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Maurice Sendak, most famous for his children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" says he does not want to be stereotyped for writing only of monsters and things that go bump in the night. "Monsters just appeal to me but you get stuck with this and people think of you as the writer of monster stories," Sendak, 78, told Reuters in a telephone interview. "Really few of my books have had monsters."

Despite his desire to not be labeled, Sendak's latest book, "Mommy", features a series of intricate pop-up monsters that seemingly leap out of the book as the main character, a baby, searches for his mother. The book was a collaboration between Sendak, Arthur Yorinks and Matthew Reinhart. Sendak has long been a fan and collector of pop-up books.

"Where the Wild Things Are' is one of my all time favorite books, It is a classic that should be in every person's library regardless of whether or not you have children.

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