Parents don't know when their teens are abusing drugs

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I used to believe that I would be super-sleuth Mom to my teenage kids. I figured I knew all the tricks: how to sneak out, how to avoid alcohol detection, how to leave the door unlocked just so for easy access back into the house.

But I understand now that I was generally naive when it came to any preconceived notions I had of parenting. And I think by the time Nolan reaches his teenaged years, there will be worse things to fear than his getting drunk off Miller Lites at a field party.

According to this recent study, parents know about their teenagers drug and alcohol use less than 50% of the time. The three most commonly used substances by teenagers are alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana, but the study found that parents vastly underestimate their children's use of them.

I'd like to think I would know if Nolan were to abuse a substance. But I have the feeling it's easier said than done.

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