Blogging Baby Sleepover: Internation Edition, September 27, 2006

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Our first blog this evening is from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Ladies Lounge is written by a mom of three in Australia who "works full time and copes part time." I really loved her desription--'wish I'd never heard the phrases "double trouble", "would you like fries with that?" or "but I've always put your bras through the clothes drier."' This is a hilarious post in which she puts her four-year-old son's new action figure into various poses with outrageous descriptions of his many abilities. The gift was from a great aunt, who probably never imagined a super ability like this...

Oh my God! The next post was just outrageous! Anna of aibiffity and her son Daniel were on the way home from the store and were held up by two men she describes as bandit. She held her infant in her arms the entire time, The men appeared to be young and she doesn't appear to have been terribly afraid, offended, or traumatized by the event. She made jokes in her post about writing about the incident for her son's as-of-yet non-existent baby book. Would we, in American culture, have responded in the same joking fashion if two armed men had dared to rob us, babes in arms? I probably would not have handled such a thing with grace or humor. Her post really made me think.

The Muriels has a more sobering post tonight, indeed. It is a blog about a lesbian couple trying to conceive. Kelly tried for three years, and now Sam is trying. Her pregnancy test is positive, but this is her sixth pregnancy-- and still no baby. So, she is watching HCG levels, but she is far from hopeful. She is having cramping and spotting, and she knows the drill. She will be told to stay on medication, but will ultimately miscarry. This blog reminded me of the mournfully sad post from Julia at Here be Hippogriffs this week. Very frustrating and sad.

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