Fantasia's dad sues for libel

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I think I am one of the few women in North America with a television and a hatred for American Idol. I find it kind of painful. Perhaps it's because I'm not musically inclined, perhaps it's because I cannot watch the show without wondering constantly how Ryan Seacrest scored such a lucrative gig.

Anyway, I do know a little about Fantasia Burrino because:
1) She has an interesting name
2) She has a great story

She's making headlines again because her father Joseph is suing the publisher of a book on Fantasia's life. Mr. Barrino is asking for 10 million dollars to compensate for claims made by the book that he was "hostile to the music industry, that he asks his daughter for money when she visits him, that his children's musical careers were more important than their education."

I can understand being a little miffed if these statements are indeed untrue, but ten million dollars? It seems to me that Fantasia has been successful despite her extraordinarily embattled upbringing (including illiteracy and teen pregnancy) and it would be nice to see her Dad focusing on that.

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