Parents and kids using ADHD drugs

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Do some families need to buy an economy sized bottle of ADHD drugs to treat both the parents and kids in the house? There appears to be a growing trend of mothers beginning the drug therapy and then the children following. While some fathers also seek help, usually mothers out number them by nearly 60%. The therapy often inspires a chain reaction in the household, once one family member sees how much the other has improved on the treatment they are more willing to begin a prescription.

I can definitely see how this would be the case in families. I am currently struggling with my son to help him structure his time so that he can more effectively focus on his nightly assignments. He is in the 8th grade and desperately needs the discipline and study skills that high school will require, I understand the difficulty to focus and finish tasks because I battled this for my entire academic career. While he is not currently taking any sort of ADD or ADHD medications, I sometimes wonder if they would not only help him but lend my days some structure as well.

What our readers, do you or your children take these medications? If so, what do you think?

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