4 students suspended for wearing same outfit

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Parents of four teenaged girls who were suspended from school for dressing alike are suggesting the motive was racial. The girls were suspended for four days after school officials incorrectly branded them as gang members.

The girls, grade 8 students at McCulloch Middle School in Indianapolis, say they dressed alike simply because they are friends.

The school refused to address what the girls had done to trigger suspension, but stated that they have a "code of conduct" that the girls had broken. The girls say that the only "gang" they are in is an after-school dance program.

You know, I remember arranging to wear the same Parachute pants and Miami Mice shirt as my friend Cindy in grade 4. But I don't remember coordinating my outfits with my friends in junior high, though the times have certainly changed. What do you think? Was the school correct in suspending these girls or is this a blatant case of racism?
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