Elizabeth Vargas on balancing kids and work

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A synchronous work/life balance is one of the most important issues in my life at the moment. I'm drawn to books, movies, TV programs and magazine articles that dish on how to be a good Mom while sumultaneously filling career duties and aspirations. It's a perplexing task, and I haven't yet figured out how to do it.

Elizabeth Vargas, former anchorwoman at ABC, has been called the unwitting poster woman of working Moms. We featured an article on her previously when she stepped down from her position at ABC, amidst controversy that it may not have been voluntary.

People profiles Elizabeth today, discussing her views on work/life balance and her plans to return to the work force. Though she took 10 weeks from her job at ABC (which, in Canada, is next to nothing), she says she's still been working, planning and booking stories. On Elizabeth's first night back, in October, she says they will address the issue of whether or not working mothers can have it all.

I'll be watching with baited breath, though I'm not sure if I believe I'll get an answer. I suspect it's always a precarious juggling act, and one that is always a work in progress.

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