Stuffed animals with microchips

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The people at the Build-A-Bear company are marketing geniuses. A favorite stop at many malls for young children, the shop allows your child to pick out an empty animal shell, stuff it, place a wish star inside and a microchip with a bar code. The chip enables your child to name the bear and register it with the company in case the stuffed animal should ever get lost. To date, over 400 creatures have been reunited with their small owners.

My daughter loves this store. Whenever we visit a city with a large shopping mall she is always anxious to go pick out a new animal from the shop. She adores every step of the process from choosing what animal she will take home to the many outfits they have for purchase. The animals are not cheap and every single accessory comes with a price tag. I don't think we have ever managed to escape without paying at least $40 for a stuffed dog. We have not yet had the opportunity to get a microchip, but the next time we are in a Build-A-Bear shop I might spring the extra dollars for the chip -just to protect our investment.

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