Are your kids organic?

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My kids are sold on organic food products. If they don't see the green circle stating the product's organic worthiness, they are not as interested in eating or drinking it. Although I try as hard as I can to feed them all natural and organic foods, it is sometimes just so expensive. In some areas they are willing to compromise. But when it comes to their breakfast cereals, if it is not Lucky Charms then they insist on it being organic. Their favorite cereal is Cocoa Bumpers, a pseudo healthy chocolate concoction that sells for about $3.75 per box. My children love it so much that they will rip through an entire box in one sitting. While I am thrilled at their desires to eat healthy and organic, I sometimes wonder if I couldn't just take the Bumpers box and fill it with generic cocoa crispies. They wouldn't know any better, but my weekly shopping budget would go much further.

I do insist on organic milk, yogurt, eggs and meat. But cereal? Does it truly matter? Maybe I am just being cheap, but I have to wonder....

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