More than half of children don't get flu shot

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According to a survey released Wednesday, only one third of children between age 6 months and 2 years get a flu vaccination. A competing survey conduced bt American state health departments, say about 48 percent of children are getting the vaccine.

Regardless, the message is clear: less than half of eligible children are being vaccinated for inflienza.

The biggest reason for the low vaccination rates, according to studies, is that Americans don't view the flu as a "serious illness." Others (46 percent worried that the vaccination might actually cause illness) I must admit, I have had my suspicions about this one. I've received a flu shot twice, and became immediately sick afterward.

Doctors would say that that is pure "myth", though, emphasizing that recipients cannot get the flu from the vaccine.

Officials stress the importance of the flu vaccine, noting that children over 6 months of age should be vaccinated.

So - do you plan to get your child vaccinated this winter?

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