Blogging Baby Sleepover for Friday October 6

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I am on the West Coast at the moment, after Rob encouraged me to take Nolan and visit my brother and parents for the (Canadian) Thanksgiving Weekend. It is lovely as always but my Mom has endless jars of wrapped toffee and cups of steaming tea with honey and I am too full to construct a cohesive theme to my blog choices for the day. So I'm just going to provide three links I like, and hope you like them too.

Post Hip Chick is a relative new read for me. I found her after she left several witty and provocative comments on my blog, and I am so glad she did. Today she mourns her series of mistakes, including two I've made: attempting to shower with a baby, and trying to eat dinner while holding the baby (Ha!) These days I just eat whetever's left on my shirt after Nolan's done with his dinner.

Also, are you reading Stephanie Klein? If you're a parent, you might not be. Until recently, Stephanie was a martini-sipping, smart-talking, slinky New York butterfly, and would not have had much in common with us peach-stained, yoga-pant wearing baby mamas. I read her before I got pregnant, I always thought she had some of the most beautifully crafted words on any blog I'd seen. Now, she's got a book deal, a husband, and two babies in utero. Read her and prepared to be continually astonished by her candid observations on life.

Finally, Kristen at Eva Las Vegas joins the rank of paid Mommyblogging, except, for an actual publication rather than a blog. I think she's a talented writer and I'm happy for her. I've seen rumblings around the Internet about "all these Mommybloggers suddenly getting paid gigs" - but, from what I've seen, the paid bloggers are all excellent writers too. Blogging has just opened up the playing field to the "common woman" - not just the neice of so-and-so at the newspaper. Or at least, that's what I think (and I am quite often very wrong.)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone, I shall have an extra bite of pumpkin pie for all of you not celebrating the holiday till later in the year.

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