The mystery of teething

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I've mentioned before that Nolan has been teething for over eight months now. I've become accustomed to the drool patches on my sweaters, they're really no worse than the horrible shoulder pad fad of the eighties. And Nolan's a pretty good natured baby, he's not particularly fazed by the constant invasion of his poor little mouth.

Last week, all his molars seemed to come in at once. His gums were ravaged and bleeding and his poop smelled pretty obscenely bad, but other than that, he was coping.

But this morning I noticed that between his molars and his front teeth, there are large white patches on his gums. It almost looks like his teeth are about to burst forth horizontally instead of vertically through his gums.

I have googled "horizontal teeth babies" and "white patch on baby gums" and I am coming up woefully empty. I'm more than a little mystified. Have you ever seen such a thing?

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