Were you "cute" in pregnancy?

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Kristen has a funny post today at Dot Moms about her "incredible unlightness of being."

Kristen is pregnant, and tall, and feeling a tad...truck-like. She says she could pass for a line-backer, and while I seriously doubt that, I did nod my head in agreement as I read her article.

I was not a cute pregnant lady. I am 6 feet tall and athletically built and when I was in my third trimester I took up a whole elevator by myself. Seriously, I won't forget it. I was plodding along with my apple and my laptop and the elevator door opened on the 5th floor. The small blonde woman shook her head imperceptibly and did not get in, possibly because she was scared of my girth and suspected I would squash her against the gray metal.

I always think pregnant women look adorable: flushed and glowing and ripe with life. But personally, I didn't enjoy the cumbersome weight I carried around, the omniscient feeling of taking up way more space than I should. So I'm grateful for Kristen's article. I've always felt a little guilty that I didn't enjoy the happy/glowy pregnancy feeling that so many women describe.

How about you? Did you feel cute or truck-like when you were pregnant?

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