The right time to move your child from a crib to a bed

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My two-year-old son loves his crib. When I put him down for a nap or for bed time he giggles and snuggles into his blanket and crib bumper. Often when he wakes up he will call out for assistance and then snuggle in his crib while he laughs and chats with me. I sometimes wonder when will be the right time to move him from his beloved crib to a big boy bed. I am content to leave him to his barred happiness, but it is all the other mothers who are discussing their bed moves that have started me wondering just when the right time will be.

After a bit of research and advice tips such as this one, I have come to the conclusion that my son is doing just fine by remaining in his crib for awhile longer. We have no impending deadlines such as the arrival of a new baby that will influence our time frame. He is not climbing out of his crib or screaming at the mere sight of it. This is not the situation in all families, but for us nothing is broken so nothing needs to be fixed. Of course if he is still sleeping in his crib in another three years, then I might have to prod him out of it and into a bed, but until then the crib it is. What about out readers? Do you have any crib stories or advice to share?

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