Mother uses baby as weapon

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Stories like this make me think that some people ought to be taken into the woods, dropped down a deep well, and left there. It would be better for humanity overall. Twenty-seven-year-old Chytoria Graham of Erie, Pennsylvania was pissed at her boyfriend. Instead of whacking him with a cast iron frying pan or his golf clubs or something reasonable like that, however, she picked up her four-week-old baby boy by the legs and swung the infant through the air, hitting the boyfriend with the baby's head.

The baby was critically injured, suffering a fracture of the right temporal region and some brain bleeding. The child was flown by helicopter to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh and is in serious condition. Ms. Graham remains in custody on charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and simple assault. Y'know, I have a temper, just like everyone else. I get mad, and, in the past, have been known to take up weapons against others. But no matter how mad you get, this is inexcusable. The woman's other children have been removed from the home and, hopefully, it will be a very long time before she regains custody of them, if ever. I surely hope the little baby boy survives and finds a family who will treat him like the person he is, instead of a bludgeon.

Thanks, I think, to several tipsters.

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