Update: Baby-flinging mom says it was a mistake

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Chytoria Graham, the Pennsylvania mother who used her 4-week-old baby to batter her boyfriend has cleared everything up -- she had been drinking and didn't mean to grab the baby. Deangelo Troop, Graham's boyfriend and the father of the baby, says "People are trying to make a big deal about it, but she did not do it on purpose. ... It was just a mistake." Graham said that during the argument, she "snapped" and didn't realize that she had grabbed her son and hit Troop with him.

I guess, if you were drinking and didn't realize what you were doing, it's okay? I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. I once saw a guy speed into the back of a car stopped at an intersection, then stumble out of his pickup, unsure why the police were surrounding him. The other driver was carried away on a stretcher. I also watched as a man drove his minivan down the wrong side of the street, after injuring several people, looking as if he were doing nothing more than parking carefully in a tight spot.

If you make the choice to drink -- and believe you me, I've done my fair share of heavy drinking -- you still have to accept responsibility for your actions while intoxicated. That means you prepare -- you take the bus to the party, you plan to stay the night, you arrange for someone else to watch the kids while you have your drunken brawl. Sure, it was a mistake, but it's a mistake I hope she pays dearly for. What do you think -- would you let her off the hook?

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