What to do about a hitting baby?

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Over the weekend, Nolan started a perplexing new activity: hitting his Mom.

Nolan is nearly 14 months old, and up till now, he's never displayed any kind of aggression. He plays well, shares well, and genuinely likes kids. He has always taken comfort in my arms and been very sweet. He pats my chest and provides excessively wet kisses on demand.

So I wasn't quite sure what to do when he reached up and slapped my face on the weekend. It was not a hard slap, mind you, he's not exactly a tower of strength, but I was still stung and he very obviously had meant to do it.

"No, Nolan!" I said, surprised,"That hurts me. No."

He smiled and threw his head back and took another swing.

"No!" I said firmly. He did it again.

This time I screwed up my face and made an exaggerated sad face and said "No!" very loudly. He started sobbing and buried his head in my neck, shaking with sadness like his little baby heart was forever shattered.

He did this again over the weekend, each time breaking down in tears each time I got very firm or very sad. I am flummoxed.

Have your kids ever done this? What did you do to stop it?

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