Where do you go for parenting advice?

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This morning I was stirring my coffee, Nolan propped heavily on one hip, when Nolan gave me his now-trademark face slap.

"No, Nolan!" I said, and I put him down on the ground. He started crying.

"What are you doing?" Rob asked, watching Nolan grapple frantically for my knees.

"The Internet suggested I put him down and not pay attention to him when he hits,"I replied defensively.

"I think you listen to the Internet too much,"he replied grimly.

Rob has always been supportive of my writing and of the fact that I put a lot of our life details online. But he might be right: sometimes I listen to the Internet when perhaps I should be asking trusted friends, Moms, grandmothers. I don't take to heart everything the Internet tells me, of course. If I did, I'd be crouched in a fetal position in a dark room, convinced that Nolan thinks I'm dead because of my Toronto business trip.

But his comment got me thinking. Where do you get your parenting advice? Do you read parenting websites? Participate in message boards? Stick to family advice? Or simply follow your gut instinct?

I will make careful note of your answers and be sure to inform Rob in the morning.

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