Women dress better when ovulating

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A new study suggests that women are more likely to dress in flashy or more fashionable clothes when they are ovulating. Unlike their counterparts in the animal kingdom, human female bodies have generally been thought to give no clear signals when ovulation is occurring, but scientists are on the hunt for examples of female behavior that might indicate ovulation. Some female animals release a poweful scent when ovulating, and the skin tone of others changes radically during ovulation. I'm pretty sure I saw something at the zoo the other day about not being alarmed by the inflamed redness of the female monkey butts, because that just meant it was baby-making time. So scientists at UCLA think it's a big deal that their study shows that some women dress a little bit more fashionably, showing a little more skin or weighing jewelry, when their urine samples show that they are ovulating. This was the same team of researchers who had earlier reported that women were more likely to flirt and look at attractive men when ovulating.

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