Blogging Baby Sleepover for Friday October 13

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One of my favourite things about blogging is the way it shrinks the world. Here at Blogging Baby we have writers from France, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, and West, East, and Middle America. I love it.

I've admitted it before, though, I have a soft spot for Brits. I love the way their quirky little words and I adore the fresh clip of their accents. And through Blogging Baby and my own blog, I've "met" some adorable Brits that I want to share.

My first pick is not really a Brit, she's a Sassy Texan girl, actually, but she's currently living in the UK. In an entry earlier this week, she mourns the fact that she can no longer enjoy movies featuring children without worrying obsessively about them. She talks about the War of the Worlds, watching and fuming at Tom Cruise for neglecting his children. Interestingly, I did the same thing. I think as Moms we're doomed to fret, aren't we? I certainly never did that kind of thing prior to having Nolan.

Second is Geepeemum - a General Practitioner and Mum of two. She writes a provocative post here about advanced maternal age - and the consequences of attempting to conceive as an "older" woman. She discusses two women - ages 43 and 44, who desperately want to become pregnant and notes: "Hope is what drives both these women. Should we allow them to hope - indeed encourage it? Or should we introduce some reality and truth even if it feel cruel? I don't know the answers. What do you think?" Personally, I'd want to know the truth. I think.

Finally, we have Heidi Johanna at the Sprog Blog. She has just given birth to a 9 and a half pound baby boy and I am clutching my uterus in sympathy. Heidi Johanna is a fabulous read but she might be changing blog addresses - email her if you'd like the link.

Cheerio, Internet!

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