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Even non-golfers like me know about Tiger Woods, but what I didn't know was that the non-profit Tiger Woods Foundation he started with his father, Earl Woods, has grants available to groups that "focus on providing opportunities to underserved youth, ages 5-17."

The foundation is looking to fund programs in education, youth development, parenting, and family health and welfare. Perhaps you work for or volunteer with a group that would qualify? (Public schools do not qualify.) Here is a link to the Grant Archives, where you can see which groups have been awarded grants in the past.

Another program started by the foundation is called Start Something, which "encourages kids ages 8 to 17 to identify a specific personal desire or goal and begin taking steps towards achieving their dreams. In the process, kids also recognize personal values, interests, and talents needed to achieve their dream goal."

If you are interested in donating to the Tiger Woods Foundation, click here to see more information.

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