Montana high school principal suspended for giving student a wedgie

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With all the news these days about adults in positions of incredible power doing highly inappropriate things with teenage boys, you'd think Livingston Montana's Park High School's principal Eric Messerli would have known better than to pull the shirt over the head of one of his students and proceed to pull his underwear up by his waistband. There is currently no reporting as to whether this was a common wedgie or the more serious "atomic wedgie," but either way what was this guy thinking? According to Livingston School District Superintendent Hannibal Anderson (always trust a guy named "Hannibal") Messerli was just "joking around" with a few seniors "showing off" his "soccer skills" when he just happened to, you know, pull the kids underwear out of the top of his pants. But when Hannibal learned about the incident, he promptly suspended Messerli. For a couple days. Sounds to me like Hannibal is taking a page from old Denny Hastert's book, if you know what I mean.

The Vice-Principal of Park High School who took over for Messerli said the principal has "taken full responsibility for his actions and the school is using this as a learning experience." As in, the school finds educational value in the uproar that occurs when one of the administrators reaches into the pants of a seventeen-year-old kid. Huzzah to the Montana educational system!

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