Changing the fundraising system?

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There's a lot of things that make me cringe in life, but when I see a kid pull out the dreaded "sign-up" paper for his school's newest fundraiser, well, I just want to run and hide.

Before I say anything, let me tell you this: I do not like fundraisers. I don't like feeling guilty if I don't want to pay $10 for a candy bar that I don't even like. I really hate how people end up bringing these things to work and then you feel suckered into helping your coworker out.

I think the whole system stinks. In fact, I think it stinks so much that I plan on discouraging my children from participating.

Here's an interesting editorial about how children who participate in these fundraisers should be rewarded. Should only the highest sellers get the big prize? Or, should the entire school have a party for those that participated if the school reaches the goal?

I'm not exactly sure how the system works right now as my children are not in school. Does your school have rewards based on how much the student sells? Or is it a party for everyone that participated? What about the children that don't participate?

The article makes a good point about why schools do these fundraisers. Without them, computers might not be updated, field trips may fall to the wayside.

But...there's just part of me that wonders about how important education and our public schools are if kids have to peddle popcorn to help get playground equipment.

So, what do you think? Keep the fundraisers? Change the reward system? Or, in my personal opinion, do you do away with them altogether?

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