Conservative Norwegians think forcing boys to pee sitting down is wrong

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A Norwegian primary school headmistress had a meeting her school's janitors, who were fed up. It was an affront to their dignity, they said, to constantly clean up the pee that the little boys in the school couldn't get in the toilet. These Norwegian kids, it tunr sout, had poor aim and were getting piss all over the floors. The headmistress sat back at her desk, drumming a pencil against her stern, Nordic brow, and set forth an edict: henceforth all little boys must piss sitting down.

Anne Lise Gjul, the headmistress, merely sought not to offend her janitorial staff, but has now effectively offended the members of Norway's right-wing "Justice and Order" party, who feel that it's a boy's God-given right to piss standing up. God, they say, gave boys the ability to pee standing up, and decided it was good. "If boys are not allowed to pee in the natural way that they have done for generations, then it amounts to an assault on God's creations," said Vidar Kleppe, the head of the conservative party, which should consider changing it's name to the "Piss on the Seat by God's Decree" party.

It turns out Gjul never actually issued any edict. I made that up. She really simply wrote a letter to her school's parents asking them to discuss at home whether boys should instead sit down when they go for a pee. That suggestion pissed off one Nancy Bakke, whose 7-year-old son, Benjamin, attends Gjul's school. For months, she insisted, she had painstakingly taught Ben how to take proper aim while urinating. "This rule goes against everything that I have tried to teach my son," she said. Painstakingly, huh? Wouldn't want to undo all that painstaking work, Nancy. Benjamin's obviously going to have enough to talk to his therapist about in 15 years.

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