Convicted sex offender's backyard has view of elementary school playground

Melissa made an important point last week that when it comes to sexual pretadors and our children, the people we most need to be worried about are the family, friends, and caregivers we trust our children with, not the nefarious strangers eager to pluck our innocent babies from their playgrounds. The statistics simply show that sexual predators are more likely to be someone the child knows and already trusts. Someone who can get them to keep secrets.

Still, stories like this chill me. Partly because a few months before we moved from San Francisco we learned that a convicted child molester lived across the street from us and could see into our windows. Reader Christina in Richmond, Virginia wrote in to tell us about this convicted child molester Thomas Welcomb who lives in her neighborhood and who she sees riding his bike all over, and, get this: his backyard directly faces the playground of the local ementary school. Locals are in an uproar about it, but legally there's nothing they can do.

I believe these creeps should be given the chance to reform once they've served their sentences, but I also believe everything should be done to keep them away from children. With this guy, something tells me it was no mere coincidence that the home he bought or rented looked out over a playground. Hopefully the publicity will get the word out that kids should watch out for this guy.

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