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Nolan has recently sprouted and can now reach the top of my desk. His little sticky fingers search out danger: he can smell it from anywhere in the house and he wants it near him.

Robby and I were sitting on the couch when Nolan presented us with his newest discovery, a shiny blue ballpoint pen.

"Nope,"Rob said, and pried it from his little fingers,"You have your blocks! Those are much better."

Nolan would have none of it. He tried unsuccessfully to pry the pen back from his Dad, and then the rainworks started and the lip threatened to tremble off his face. We tried not to laugh as he hightailed it two meters away in the kitchen and threw himself on the floor and started, pounding his little fists into the lineoleum.

"Where did he learn that?" I asked, and we both answered: daycare.
So far Nolan has learned to throw a spectacular, physical tantrum, and also how to stick his finger up his nose, courtesy his fellow toddlers. He also seems to be a lot more bored with us. Kids, it seems, are better companions.

Though Nolan will be able to stay at home with me a lot more from now on, he'll still need childcare on a part time basis. I hope the next tidbit he brings home is a little more positive.

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