Leaving on a jet plane, how to tell a 2 year-old?

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Tomorrow I have to get on a plane that will take me away from my children four three and half days. It is not a mandatory trip, rather a much needed pleasure break to help me recharge my engines. When I used to work outside the home I had to travel quite a bit. My older children are quite comfortable with the site of me packing my bags. But I have yet to leave my 2 year-old son for any length of time.

I have told him that "Mommy will be gone for a few days", but not I have not told him that I will be flying away in a plane. Since his beloved grandfather suddenly passed away this June, he has decided that my father is somewhere in the great beyond in an airplane. When he sees a plane in the sky he will point to it and say, "Pop-Pop! A pwane. A sky. Go town stars!" Translated: Pop-pop is in a plane going to a town in the stars. I have no idea if my son thinks that my father's plane will eventually land and deliver his grandfather home safe and sound. Whatever the case, I am hesitant to announce that I, too, plan to tool around in a plane. I don't want to traumatize him or confuse him.

Have any readers had a similar situation? If so, how did you handle it?

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