Outrageous Halloween costumes: a working Transformer

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be taking a look at some wild, expensive, or just unbelievable Halloween costumes that are available for kids (and adults) this Halloween.

First, check out these amazing working transformer costumes [link via fark]. For the low, low price of $3,750.00, your kid could dress up as a fully-transformable Lamborghini Diablo for Halloween this year. Here in Detroit, Michael Bay has been filming scenes for an upcoming live-action Transformers movie, so now might be the right time to buy that costume before an increased interest in those heroic robots from outer space makes these skillfully-painted cardboard boxes even more valuable. In addition to the Lamborghini, this guy makes transformer jets, dragons, and what appears to be a Trans-Am-like vehicle. I'm saving my money and waiting for him to make a Grimlock costume. I'd love to dress up like a transforming robotic T-Rex and wanders around a Halloween party loudly saying, "Me Grimlock!" That would be awesome.

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