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I feel your pain, brother. I understand, it just doesn't seem worth it to go on. Yeah, all those folks with the cute little babies can get great deals on stuff, but what about you? You, with your toddler. You have needs, you have feelings, right? Don't you deserve a daily bargain too? Aren't toddlers people?

Well, cheer up me hearties! Your prayers have been answered. Just like all those new parents you've been so envious of for so long, you too can now get in on a daily deal -- a great bargain just for you and your little one. That's right, the same folks that brought us OneBabyGoodie have now come to your rescue with OneToddlerGoodie.

Take today's deal, for example. (Go ahead, take it -- you can order up to three!) Today, and today only, you can purchase a "Mommy Needs Coffee Pack" from Simple Coffee -- A $35 value for only $24. Not bad. It's almost 2 pounds of coffee from small farms -- and cheaper than I what I pay at the local roaster. As with the other OneGoodie sites, products come with full details, discussion forums, and, best of all, their signature irreverant descriptions.

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