When mom needs to recharge her batteries

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As I mentioned yesterday, I recently boarded a plane and left the most precious part of my life behind,my three children, two states away in Colorado. I am spending three days in Tucson, Arizona at a spa where I am surrounded by palm trees, giant cacti and all the luxury I could ever want. It is indulgently luxurious and much needed.

It has been several years since I left my older children and the first time I have left my 2 year-old. I miss them fiercely. The hugs, the laughter, small sticky hands encircled around my neck. But I need this break. The woman I saw in the mirror this morning was not the haggard and drawn image I usually glimpse. This person was relaxed, especially after sleeping in until noon, she looked 5 years younger than she did a mere 24 yours ago.

I am already looking forward to returning home to my brood. My oldest son's keen sense of humor will be much welcomed. My daughter's sweet hugs will be needed. And my toddler snuggled in my lap will be cherished. But I can wait another 48 hours. For the moment I have a maid who makes my bed. Somebody brings me my meals, and I don't even have to wash the dishes. This is a good thing for a worn and torn mom, we should all get a chance to recharge our batteries from time to time.

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