Is your teen dressing a little too sexy for Halloween?

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Just last Thursday, my husband and I brought our children to a Halloween store to see the costumes. After we passed the Dora and clown costumes, we were face-to-face with a costume that made us quite uncomfortable: We'll refer to it as the "very sexy" witch.

Only problem? This was for preteen girls. For a second I thought we wandered into "Sluts R Us."

Would you let your daughter wear a costume with a name such as "Transylvania Temptress?" How about "Handy Candy?" Would you even want your daughter to explain to you the meaning behind that name?

One expert quoted in this article says that the "sexy" costumes stem from the fact that little girls can only envision themselves dressing up as pretty, helpless princesses. Of course, the girl quoted as planning to dress up as a "sexy firefighter" doesn't find anything wrong with the sexy getups.

As a woman and parent of a girl, I'm appalled at the hypersexualization of little girls. I don't really care if I end up as the "mean Mom," but there's no way in heck I'll let my kids leave the house as a sexy anything.

Do you let your kids dress however they want on Halloween, or do you have set rules? What do your kids think?

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