What do you do with a mystery tantrum?

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Nolan usually wakes up by rummaging happily in his crib, punctuating the sleepy morning silence with a "Ah? Uh-ah?" It's a sweet way to wake up, and I can't remember the last time we had to use an alarm clock, as he is very punctual in his 5:30 wake-ups.

But this morning he woke at 5:36, whimpering. I went to the washroom before collecting him from his crib, and he threw his kitty on the floor and started wailing.

"Nolan!" I said, leaning in for a hug,"Why so grouchy?"

I changed his diaper and brought him downstairs for some rice milk, which he promptly threw on the floor. He seemed to be surly in general, so I checked his forehead. It wasn't warm, but he did have a molar cutting through - perhaps that was the source of his angst? I doubted it, though, because Nolan's always teething.

Nolan followed me around for most of the morning, crying to be lifted and then squirming to get away once I did lift him. I fed him and he threw his carrots on the floor, angry. Nothing was making him happy. I thought maybe he was tired - but then, you know, sometimes I get cranky because the light hits me the wrong way. Who's to say babies are any different?

I still didn't know what to do though. Ignore him? Keep trying to soothe his mystery funk?

What do you do with a grumpy baby?

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