Blogging Baby Sleepover for Friday October 20

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This week wraps up my first week as a work-at-home Mom. It surpassed my expectations and surprised me, too. I love cuddling with Nolan a little longer in the morning, love the blank opportunity I have to help build new business. I tend to read the blogs of Moms in similar situations to me, so it's no surprise that this week I gravitated toward the work and stay at home Moms.

First is Posthipchick, Mom to Olive and friend to Wood of the Sweet Junipers (Did you know that? The blogging world, it's so small!) Today she muses about a dream she had about her old career as a teacher, about how sometimes she misses it, and how it's always a part of her. She totally wrote out a sleep plan, including assessment. I could use some organizational lessons from her, for sure.

I think probably most readers of parenting blogs are familiar with Sweetney, she's kind of the hip, fun Mom who has an unapologetic and wholly wonderful gritty edge. Sweetney maintains about 30 billion blog projects, but also somehow has time to find some of the coolest and most addictive links on the web. I used to have smoke breaks, now I have Sweetney breaks, and I am a much better person for it.

Surrender Dorothy's tagline makes me smile everytime I pull blog up in Bloglines. It says, when I was your age, we just let them ride in the back window. It's so true: I'm constantly being reminded that there were no car seats and organic purified pasta in the 80's and look how I turned out! Just fine, right! Surrender Dorothy is always a fabulous read, and her entry from yesterday with her angel in her lion costume is good for a little heart-melting.

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