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The winter is long and cold here. We've already had our first snow, and we usually get our last one sometime in May.

I started snowboarding 8 years ago as a means to cope with the bitter winds, the endless crunching snow, the slippery roads. The crystal air of the Rockies and the adrenaline whoosh of powder compensated for having to endure 8 months of winter.

But I haven't really snowboarded much in the last two years. First, I was pregnant, and though I'm a decent snowboarder, I'm not good at taking things slowly, so I thought I should stay off the mountain entirely rather than try to force myself not to hurtle lightening-speed down the slopes. Then, I was nursing and couldn't be away from Nolan for more than a few hours, even if I wanted to be.

This year, I'd like to get back out on the slopes. Just thinking about the slice of my snowboard's edge through fresh powder, the beauty of winter sun slanting through evergreens makes my heart pound.

I did a little research online tonight, and found out that several of the nearby mountain resorts offer on-mountain child care at a nominal fee. Nolan's at the age where he loves playing with other kids, so I think we might be able to squeeze a few half-days in. Now, I just have to decide when Nolan can slip on those snowboarding boots with us.

Thanks, Cathmum, for suggesting this topic!

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