Do you "talk politics" to your kids?

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When I think back to my younger years, I don't remember my parents ever discussing politics with me. I do remember knowing which way they tended to vote and that they'd never vote for "the other party."

I remember thinking that you should never discuss who you voted for and how much money you make.

While, in general, I tend to shy away from political discussions, I think that talking to your kids about who they are voting for (or who you are voting for) and why they are doing so is important.

While I most definitely do not want to start a political discussion on Blogging Baby, I think it is good to look at the individual issues so that we don't just have another generation of people voting down party lines.

Just yesterday, I went online to read the issues of those I shall be voting for here in Texas. I found Congress.Org, which told me who would be on the ballot. (I didn't even know we were having elections for Congress or Senate. I'm assuming it is because of the area I live, they probably don't feel they will get their money's worth by spending cash on ads here.)

I learned that one person running for office here wants to do away with the postage stamp! I like postage stamps! We can't do away with them! If you happen to dislike postage stamps, you might want to get up-to-date on your candidates so you'll know who to vote for.

So, do you discuss the political process with your kids? Do you discuss both sides of the issue or just tell them who you are voting for? Do your teens (that are capable) vote? How do they decide who they will vote for?

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