How to stop your teen from smoking

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Here's a disturbing statistic: Over 4,000 teenagers start smoking a day.

While that number is disturbing, there's hope. A new study suggests that teenagers who are savvy to pro-smoking messages in movies and media may reduce their chances of starting to smoke.

According to the study, teens that are exposed to smoking ads are more likely to start smoking during their adolescence than those who aren't exposed to the ads.

The study suggests that although factors such as parental smoking and the "thrill seeking" mentality are major influences for starting to smoke, teaching a teen to decipher the ads may help stop.

Personally, I have never smoked a cigarette, something I thank my Mom for. (She was always very anti-smoking and lighting up was never a possibility in my house.) If you smoked, why did you start? If not, what kept you from picking up the habit?

Is there something more we could be doing to stop teens from smoking?

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