Labour and delivery: the real worries

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I am going to make an admission I've never uttered before: my deepest, darkest labour fear did not have anything to do with pain or epidurals or how to get through contractions. No.

I was most worried about pooping on a table in front of a room full of people, including the man who I'd hoped would continue to find me attractive for the next 30 years.

OK, I was worried about the well-being of my baby and adjusting to new motherhood and all that stuff, but my most immediate, frenzied, obsessive concern was the loss of control of my body, and therefore all my dignity too.

Mamaloo, a frequent Blogging Baby contributor, posed the question to us and on her own blog: what is your biggest fear about labour and delivery?

I'm interested to see the responses. I bet it is different for first time mothers, and I'll also bet no one else is as ridiculous in their concerns as me.

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