What's your ideal Blogging Baby?

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Here at Blogging Baby, we try our best each day to write the posts that appeal to you.

The beauty of blogging - and the reason I believe it's exploded so quickly - is that it is interactive, dynamic, and fresh.

We encourage interaction in the comments. We've become friends with some of our most prolific commenters. In the 6 months I've written here, I've seen countless viewpoints expressed in intelligent, earnest mini-essays in the comments section. And it's been helpful for me, as a relatively new Mom. Our hope is that our posts are helpful and engaging to you, too.

In an effort to keep Blogging Baby evolving in the right direction, give us some ideas. Do you want to see more celebrity news? More personal voice? Fewer product reviews? A little less of the news tidbits? After all, ultimately, we write for you.

Let us know what you want, and we'll do our best to make this a place you want to come back to every day.

*Update: We appreciate you taking time to let your thoughts and opinions known. We will be closing off comments at 100 so we can get to work sorting through all of your ideas and implementing some of the common ones. Thanks everybody!

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