Eczema sucks

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My four year old has suffered from eczema for quite some time. What's Eczema? In a nutshell, its an irritation of the skin. In Archer's case, it itches and she ends up scratching it so much that it bleeds. It's pretty friggin horrible. We've dealt with it on and off over time. Lately it's been pretty bad. Our pediatricians prescribed steroid cream and always said it was probably caused by some external source (like our dog).

When my wife took our newborn in for one of her appointments, our midwife saw Archer's skin and suggested that it might actually be a food allergy. To be honest, this is the most plausible explanation we've ever heard. A quick search for 'food allergy eczema' turns up quite a few results.
We've tried eliminating dairy from Archer's diet, but it hasn't seemed to help. We're both pretty frustrated that our pediatrician never suggested that this could be a cause. Now that we have a new suspect, we've got an appointment with an allergy specialist later this week.

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