Hot sauce: now a weapon?

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My husband has an uncle that swears he can take the heat of any hot sauce. For awhile, we had fun trying to find the "hottest" brand we could find and giving it to him as a present.

Remembering his uncle, this story about two girls that got suspended for bringing hot sauce to school made me roll my eyes. The girls, who are 15 and 16, brought Mad Dog 357 hot sauce to their Concord, California school after several students said they could handle "the heat."

Turns out, they couldn't.

One boy started having "breathing problems" and shaking after he drank the sauce. The paramedics were called and said nothing was wrong with him. Another student got hot sauce in his eye, thus prompting the school to call the paramedics once again.

The school reversed the decision to suspend them for having a "deadly weapon" and they were back in school on Friday. Neither of the girls who brought in the hot sauce were in trouble with their parents.

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