Too-young girl models too-small bikini

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Anne Metz at Styledash wrote about the recent show by designer Ashley Paige that featured a ten-year-old in an itsy-bitsy-perhaps-pink-but-who-can-see-enough-of-it-to-really-tell bikini. The designer's response to her critics was said to be, "I think the women who like my stuff. . . exude sexuality."

What am I not getting here? How does what the women who like her stuff exude make it okay to let this young child be sexualized? Some of the critics were quoted as being concerned about the girl being around the other models, who were practically naked, because they they felt that would be unhealthy for her. Personally, I don't think it's so bad for kids to see naked bodies (we all have one, after all) but I do worry about the wisdom of having a girl so very, very far from being a woman cruise down the catwalk in this ridiculously skimpy suit.

I just cannot think of a good reason for it, or one good thing that could come from it.

What do you think?

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