Ambitious field trip with a side order of culture

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This week I am on an extended field trip with my oldest son's 8th grade class. Yesterday his class of 17 adolescent children loaded up into four cars and we trekked across Western Colorado and into the Southwestern corner of Utah to Cedar City to attend the annual Utah Shakespeare Festival. My car was host to three squealing girls who filled the seven hour drive with gossip covering everything from the price of jeans (a mere $102 per pair) to who shaves their armpits to who had a crush on who. The ride was excruciatingly long but we saw some beautiful landscapes and I now have a better understanding of the 8th grade from a female point of view.

My son attends a small Waldorf school where the teachers and students stay together until they reach graduation age, the 8th grade. Most of the students have been together since the first grade or younger and they are all incredibly tolerant of one another. It is obvious to see who has a crush and has yet to enter puberty just by watching them mill about bumping into one another. The gossip has been fairly tame while the energy levels have been through the roof.

This morning the children headed to the festival where they had drama workshops and a tour of the wig and dressing rooms. This afternoon and evening they will see two plays, The Merchant of Venice followed by another more modern play. Tomorrow we will pile back into our cars and head back into the mountains. It has been an exhausting effort thus far, but it has also been such a gift to see my son in his element. It is an honor, as a mother, to observe these children who have grown so much and come so far during the last seven years. And if it means a seven hour car ride, then I guess it is worth it.


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