Blogging Baby Sleepover post: Tuesday, October 24

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I am always on the lookout for a sassy bit of a new blog to read. Since some of my friends are dimly aware that I string words together for pay, some of them willingly send me links to blogs they think might interest my warped sense of humor. Following are two new reads and a longstanding favorite. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This week a dear a dear friend sent me a link to Going Jesus. The author has a keen sense of what is fun and her posts reflect her wit. She is a graphic designer by nature but currently spends her days as a church secretary, a job that makes for some serious humor. Most recently the author, Sarah, and her husband, Dennis, had a beautiful baby boy, Isaac. Isaac currently spends his days in the NICU at the hospital because he was born rather early, but it sounds as if he is doing great. Stop by and check out her site.

As long as I am mentioning religion, L. at The Homesick Home usually has something interesting to say in that department. Her Japanese-American children attend a Catholic school where there is often some confusion about the merging/learning of various religions. Her most recent post sheds some light on just how complicated it can be to raise children and teach them a smattering of religion at the same time.

Another recent read that I have added to my viewing pleasure list is Jen at Casual Slack. Today she has a wonderful haiku poem about her job. Have some good fun and go troll through her images.

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