Prejudice about older mothers unfounded?

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I recently posted about Memnune Tiryaki, the 64-year-old Turkish woman who gave birth to a healthy baby boy this October.

As I read all your comments, I realized that many of us think the same things when we read stories like this one. Will she live long enough to see her child grow into adulthood? How will she have the energy at 64 that I don't even have at 32? What kind of health concerns will the child have? Is this right? Is this fair to an innocent child?

Well this new study, to be released by the University of Southern California, says we're wrong to have these thoughts. Of a 150 mothers aged 30 and up, the study found there to be no difference in the capacities of the 50+ mothers.

The study has been criticized for having a small sample size and for not investigating the effects of older parents on children. Many of the women in the study had younger partners, which may have affected their coping skills and energy levels.

I don't know about you, but I have a super helpful, boisterous partner and I still feel like I'm too old to do this some days.

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