Moon Sand, good indoor fun

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My daughter is a sucker for any sort of toy advertised on the Disney channel. Her favorites are the ones not available in stores and that if we order them in the next ten minutes, we are assured of receiving twice as many toys for just an additional $3.95. I can't say I blame her obsession, when I was a kid I thought those commercials were just about the best thing in the world, too.

The latest demand in our house is for Moon Sand. This is sand that comes in its own carrying case and is guaranteed to never dry out or absorb water, a concept I don't quite understand. The commercial says that the sand is all the fun of the beach but without any of the mess. Since we live nowhere near the beach and the snow is starting to fall, I am actually wavering on the purchase of this product. While I know deep down that it will not likely offer hours of fun as stated in the ad, it does seem like it might be a fun diversion on a snowy afternoon.

Have any of our readers tried this product? If so, what do you think? Is it worth the $29.95?

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