Teen drivers distracted by...texting?

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There's nothing quite like sitting in your car at a stop light and doing the requisite "who is sitting next to me" look at the people around you and realizing that one of the other drivers is text messaging.

Even better, the driver is a teenager.

In a study by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute, 37 percent of teens said that text messaging was "extremely or very distracting" while driving.

Here's a hint, kids: Put down the cell phone and pay attention to the road.

Fifty countries have laws about cell phone usage and driving and three US states have similar rules. That means that in most states, including the one I live in, you're free to do what you want!

One study said that driver inattention counted for 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes. Personally, if I found out that someone was text messaging and caused an accident with me, they better start running.

Should we have laws about cell phones in cars or is outlawing texting while driving enough?

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